Dan Wiley- Asked questions, listened to experts and used all his cell phone minutes.
Pam VanNostern- Started it all rolling.
Terry Funk- Used a level, Canadian head to solve 100 problems a day.
Viviana Funk- Kept the whole thing moving smooth, like they do in Albania .
Dan West- Cheered for the Cowboys and pounded 10,000 nails.
John- Kept us honest and stopped all the floods.
Dawn Thurston- Was always there with a smile and quick answer.
Chuck Uhlmann- Listened to our crazy ideas, then lit up the green light.
Cory Gilstrap- Moved here from Hollywood and hooked us up with a friendly monster.
Lickwid- Lit it, built it, lived it.
Ben Long- Created the sound of ice.
Hakim Khaled- Made it snow on the worldwide web.
Weylin Ryan- Drew the maps that told the story, took a nail for the team.
Rovey & Friends- Painted a million miles of fence.
Sean McLaughlin- Helped with all the Great Big Color.
Jeremie Hill- First hand assistance with pretty much everything.
Jeremy Owen- Squadmember of the paintblob test team.
Krista Degerness- Teamleader in the You Want it When team.
Candace Blankenship- Captain of the pitch in and help brigade.
Brent LaBranche- No problem too big, no mountain high enough.
Andrea Buczkowski- Deadlines? We don't run from no stinkin' deadlines.
Maija-Liisa Nielson- Oh yeah, I've got a basement full of those.
Stephanie Housand- You need it , I get it done.
Tim Housand- Yeah, what she said.
Nathan Reed- Of course I can.
Amy Edel- Yeah, what he said.
Jane Glotzer
- The glue, the glue, my kingdom for the glue.

Patrick Griggs- Wrote the song that made the whole world sing.
Roberta Hamilton-Griggs- Made a whole back-up chorus of elves.